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EU Green Week Partner Events - Horse Green Experience

Final Furlong

Event organized as a series including seminars, conferences, workshops, guided tours, awareness raising activities, shows and exhibitions.

Horse Green Experience develops contents and values represented by the millenary relationship between men and horses, contextualizing them in the extraordinary cultural, environmental, and social frame of the Italian territory. In the event the horse, with its great communicative and evocative power, helps the people to return in touch with their deepest nature and to experience wellbeing in the environment and displays all its symbolic and substantial potential as sport and show star, subject of history and art, promoter of culture and research, factor for sustainable development, peace and protection of the ecosystem.

International meetings and cultural conferences about topics and strategies of the EU Green Deal, educational activities for children and young people, tours and visits of the cultural and environmental heritage linked to the horse, a national trekking journey, horse exhibitions and shows will take place in various landmarks of the city of Rome from May 19th until May 31st.
Among them the international Forum “The relationship between men and horses: a contribution to the intangible cultural world heritage” at Rome town hall, a Conference about “The potential of experiential and sustainable tourism” at Roma Tre University, a Roundtable about “Sport and wellbeing” in Villa Borghese Park , an Equestrian Gala and the “Traditions village” dedicated to the horse cultural heritage, the enhancement of the environment and of the ancient handicraft knowhow at Capannelle racecourse.

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