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EU Green Week Partner Events – ITG EU Green Week: ICT applied to energy and environment, sustainable mobility and Industry 4.0

Galicia Institute of Technology

The EU Green Week is an annual event to be held from 30/05/2022 to 05/06/2022 with the slogan Make it real to debate European environmental policies between different actors (politicians, researchers, population, ...). The main day, 31/05, the focus is on the European Green Deal, specifically on three points: circular economy, zero pollution and biodiversity. But in parallel, and to mobilise the participation and contribution of all sectors, in addition to the high-level conference in Brussels, there will also be events organised by partner organisations from across Europe, and officially on the agenda of the Week.
The Galicia Technology Institute (ITG) is a Research and Technology Organization specialized in the following areas of knowledge: IoT applied to energy, water, mobility and industry. This year, ITG will participate as partner organization so several events aligned with the EU Green Week event will be held both during that specific week, and on other subsequent dates.
Number of attendees: an average of 20-30 per event (5 events: 150)

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