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EU Green Week Partner Events – Toxic air: the cost of inaction on non-exhaust emissions

Tallano Technologie

Zero pollution in our air and a transition to clean and zero-emission transport are central to the European Green Deal. As European citizens experience more frequent and more intense episodes of low air quality, the cost of inaction on our health and to our economies is becoming clear. PM is the air pollutant with the highest impact on our health, and transport is one of the leading sources of this toxic pollutant – particularly in urban environments, where more than 70% of the EU population lives. Non-exhaust emissions from brakes and tires have overtaken exhaust emissions as the dominant source of PM emissions from transport in Europe, yet these emissions remain largely unregulated and undiscussed.

The latest European Environment Agency report on air quality found that despite reductions in emissions, in 2020 most of the EU’s urban population was exposed to levels of key air pollutants that are damaging to health. In particular, 96% of the urban population was exposed to concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) above the 2021 WHO guideline of 5 µg/m3.

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