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EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels - Hungary

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels stops in Hungary as a part of its European tour. 

The Showroom on wheels goes to Hungary!

EU Ecolabel arrived well and in time to Hungary, where it started touring all around Budapest, sharing it's mission of zero pollution and circular economy.

The showroom kept touring for over a week around the country under the sun and made quite a success for both the elders and the young.


Hungary's tour in pictures

St-Stephen's Basilica - Budapest

Nice stop under the sun at the St-Stephen's Basilica!

Parliament - Budapest

Biking with a view on the Hungarian Parliament!

Heroes' Square - Budapest

We had a quick stop on the Heroes' Square.

Szechenyi Spa - Budapest

Our last stop was near the famous Szechenyi Spa baths, but no time to swim, we had to keep rolling!


We were lucky to have a lot of kids visiting our stand in Millenaris where we were able to teach them about a circular economy and green products!


The Showroom on wheels stopped at Fonyód with a beautiful view!

Showroom on Wheels makes it way to Hungary!

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels will make its way to Hungary this September! Keep an eye out on this page to see what the Showroom on Wheels is up to during its tour of Hungary. Check out where it will be going below:

  1. 3 September
  2. 4-5 September
    Fonyód (Lake Balaton)
  3. 6 September
    Budapest, Hotel Marriott
  4. 7 September
  5. 8 September
  6. 9-10 September