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European Business and Nature Summit 2022

17, 18 & 19 October 2022, Brussels


Nature walk

Community meeting



Why joining the Nature walk?

It will be my pleasure to welcome you to the Sonian forest.
The Sonian Forest Foundation was set up to preserve the ecological heart of the forest and its vulnerable fauna and flora.
We are a link between the Belgian and European institutions. We are not just neighbours. We are part of the same whole. It’s in the DNA of the Sonian Forest Foundation to involve all stakeholders of the Forest. Which will be benefit for the forest, its fauna and flora, but also for its stakeholders and visitors, the people of today and tomorrow.

Herman Van Rompuy, President, Board of the Sonian Forest Foundation

I will show you a brief overview of the forest during this visit. Just enough to make you want to come back later.
The Sonian Forest is much more than the most important green space in the Brussels Region, the largest deciduous forest in Flanders and the most extraordinary beech forest in Belgium. It is an ancient woodland, with an exceptional and very well-documented history. As a uniquely preserved landscape dating back to the end of the last Ice Age, it has an exceptional ecosystem with a fauna and flora that is miraculously rich for an urban forest.

Frederik Vaes, Brussels Manager, Sonian Forest
Frederik Vaes