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New policy, new practices, new science for biodiversity - Launch of new EU biodiversity governance tools

The Commission and the European Environment Agency will highlight new governance mechanisms to improve the knowledge and evidence base for biodiversity policy and to increase transparency and co-responsibility for implementation in the coming years.

Several key components of the new EU biodiversity governance framework will be launched online on 15 December 2021.

These mechanisms are central elements of the wider governance framework for biodiversity, which the Commission is putting in place in cooperation with the Member States’ authorities and stakeholders. 

The new EU biodiversity governance embraces the new monitoring and review mechanism to be launched on the same day, as well as new research partnerships and services.

These new mechanisms constitute major elements of the new EU biodiversity governance framework, which should ensure the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, and particularly contribute to progress assessment and to the identification of corrective actions.

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  • environmental protection | biodiversity
  • 2021 m. gruodžio 15 d., trečiadienis, 10:00 val. - 12:00 val. (CET)

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2021 m. gruodžio 15 d., trečiadienis, 10:00 val. - 12:00 val. (CET)
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