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Sustainable Urban Mobility Expert

Dr. George Angelou

Expert on Sustainable Urban mobility Planning (SUMP)


Sustainable Urban Mobility Expert

EU Green Capital Expert for Sustainable Urban Mobility

EU Green Leaf Expert for Sustainable Urban Mobility

George Angelou, is currently a staff member of the Greek Ministry of Transport and Networks, Headquarters – General Directorate of Air Navigation, Electronics Division in HCAA – HANSP – with long-standing experience in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP).

Dr. Angelou possesses 20 years of industrial and academic experience working in the USA (IBM T.J Watson Research Center, NY), UK (CISCO Systems, London) and Greece (Assistant Professor, Institute of Technology). He is also the co-founder of Mobile E-Commerce Technologies Ltd. based in London, UK and the Founder and Director of G-Alpha Telecomms based in Athens, Greece.

George is the recipient of 2018 EGNOS Award, awarded from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) in the 2018 World ATM Congress, the recipient of UK Research Excellence in 2000, awarded from RACAL Research, London, UK and the owner of one patent awarded from the Industrial Property Organisation of Greece.

Dr. Angelou is the author of three international books published from McGraw-Hill International, New York, USA and over thirty technical articles published in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.