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Student - HAMK UAS

Gonçalo MIGUEL

MIGUEL Gonçalo


Student - HAMK UAS

Gonçalo Castelo Branco Pereira Miguel , 20 years old , Lisbon ,Portugal .
HAMK University of Applied Sciences, 1st yr Smart Organic Farming Bachelor Degree .
Portuguese , German and English Speaker .

Born and raised in the marvelous city of Lisbon , but from a young age i always knew my life would take me somewhere connected to Nature. Fascinated by both ,Fauna and Flora , i want to dedicate my life to seeing Nature thrive.

My passion for Agriculture started , when i first set foot on the unique Alentejo region , the Montado , an ancient , complex and diverse ecosystem , where Agriculture and Nature hold hands , made me believe , that Agriculture and Nature can find a balance, protect each other and thrive.

Climate change is at our doors , it has knocked many times and we have ignored it, we have passed many tipping points and things aren´t looking any brighter.
It is time to understand and act before it is too late , we as humans have to protect our planet and value what we have around us . 

We need to leave things better, then the way, that we have found them so that there is a planet for the next generations to cherish for.