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Product Manager - SPECK AGENCY




Product Manager - SPECK AGENCY

Kaja is a Master of Science in Computing, a Product Manager in the IT industry, a member of the US Department of State alumni community (BFTF 2014), a member of the Steering Board of the Croatian Youth Network, a European Climate Pact Ambassador, a Commitment Mentor at Clinton Global Initiative University, a president of Sustainable Development Forum Green Window, and an owner of her own business KAJUŠKA.

She has over 6 years of experience in youth work and project management. She is currently living and working in Croatia. Previously, she has received a “Future Leader“ award by Croatian Women’s Network and a “30 Under 30“ award at VIDI Awards.

In her previous work, she has organized and participated in over 40 local and international projects regarding civic engagement, diplomacy and youth.

Kaja is passionate about strengthening the capacities of young people in the fields of sustainable development, active citizenship, IT, project management, business development, and leadership.