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Director - RAMTSILO




Director - RAMTSILO

Kedibone is a young woman with an Audit background having completed an Honours degree in Internal auditing at the university of Pretoria and is a Certified Internal Auditor. She also hold a Post-Graduate Diploma is Business Administration from Wits Business School completed on an academic scholarship.

Kedibone is a Board member at the National Home Builders Regulations Council (NHBRC). She is The CEO of Ramtsilo Trading, South Africa’s first Plastic brick manufacturing factory, co-owned with her sister. A company that takes ALL types of plastics and repurposes them into strong, durable and fire retardant bricks.

Growing up Kedi has always been the OCD type when coming to litter, she would worry about what happens to waste when is it discarded. Her father had a construction company in the 90’s, he would take the sisters to site often and this is how they were introduced to the Built Environment.

Given this keen interest in business her father registered a construction company for the sisters in 2013 and that’s how the company came about.

Kedibone is committed to creating a sustainable solution to everyday problems, through hard work, persistence and innovation, she has made a significant contribution towards industrialization, climate change, impact awareness and ways in which young people can play their part in positively impacting our environment while creating a sustainable business.

She is passionate about the Green Economy: Recycling, Reducing waste and creating