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Environmental Activist

Kristine Ketrina PUTNINA

PUTNINA	Kristine Ketrina


Environmental Activist

Kristīne Ketrina Putniņa is a youth activist from Latvia.

She began her journey through animal rights activism and personal behavioural shifts such as ethical consumption and low impact lifestyle which has inspired her peers. Her past activities are related with youth civic and political engagement.

She has organised youth MUN conferences, volunteered and coordinated volunteers at multiple high level events, took part in projects representing Latvia as well as helped arrange and participated in various demonstrations and marches.

Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences. Her research interests are nature-based solutions, urban and landscape ecology as well as climate change mitigation & adaptation and systemic change.

Apart from her studies she is involved in the work of her university's eco-council, in developing a sustainability framework for a European university alliance and is organising an international collaborative course on climate change.

Besides that she enjoys hiking and attending cultural gatherings such as different kinds of exhibitions and performances.