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Article d’actualité20 juillet 2022Direction générale de l’environnement

EU Ecolabel - New Criteria for Growing Media and Soil Improvers

EU Ecolabel Growing Media

New EU Ecolabel criteria for Growing Media and Soil improvers have been adopted and will be presented on 07 October 2022 in a technical webinar hosted by the European Commission.  For registering to the webinar, please fill in this form!

The EU Ecolabel criteria minimise the environmental impact of growing media and soil improvers on air, water, soil and biodiversity. They aim at protecting nature, including pollinators as well as promoting a clean and circular economy with a zero-pollution ambition.

Specifically, the EU Ecolabel guarantees:

  • Use and promotion of organic materials
  • Use and promotion of recycled/recovered materials
  • Protection of pollinators, biodiversity and soil
  • Restricted use of hazardous substances and contaminants
  • Low energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Good performance

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Date de publication
20 juillet 2022
Direction générale de l’environnement

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