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General publications2 December 2021Directorate-General for Environment

FUTURE BRIEF: European Forests for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation – Issue 25

Forests are under pressure by inadequate management practices and climate changes. This research is based on the latest scientific evidence to show how biodiversity, the bioeconomy and climate change mitigation are underpinned by Europe's forests.

European Forests for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Like many ecosystems today, forests are under threat from disturbances, economic factors and competing pressures. In recent years, the pressing need to address the inter-related crises of biodiversity loss and climate change has resulted in greater emphasis on protecting, restoring and creating forests, and there is an increased public and policy awareness of the challenges forests are facing. Europe has been taking action regarding third countries’ forests and timber supply chains (e.g. via the Timber Regulation, and the EU’s FLEGT Action Plan), and the pressure of public opinion, and the need for integrity in domestic and external affairs means that the actions to preserve and restore forests within the European Union must be effective and credible.

This Future Brief brings together the latest evidence on the ability of Europe’s forests to support biodiversity while removing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, while also providing ecosystem services necessary for climate adaptation and our well-being, and contributing to the bioeconomy and reduction in use of fossil fuels.

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Publication date
2 December 2021
Directorate-General for Environment

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