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Pressiteade22. oktoober 2021Keskkonna peadirektoraat

New EU Ecolabel Criteria - Cosmetics and Animal Care

New EU Ecolabel criteria for cosmetics and animal care products, adopted today – Watch the webinar to know more!

On 22 October 2021, the European Commission has adopted a revised set of EU Ecolabel criteria for cosmetic products and all-new criteria for animal care products.

To know more please check the full criteria document, or read the factsheet for cosmeticsanimal care products and the related article.

On 27 October 2021 a technical webinar to present the new criteria has been hosted by the European Commission You can watch it again and download a copy of the presentation.

The move comes amid a rise not only in EU Ecolabel products and licenses, (more than 83 000 EU Ecolabel awarded products on the EU market), but also in green products in general. A considerable uptake is expected by industry, as way to engage in the green transition and the zero-pollution ambition, at the same time empowering consumers that are increasingly looking for healthy and sustainable options for the products they purchase.


22. oktoober 2021
Keskkonna peadirektoraat

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