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Volunteer - AEGEE-Sofia




Volunteer - AEGEE-Sofia

I am a graduate of "European Languages and Cultures" at the University of Groningen and a prospective student of the Erasmus Mundus program "Euroculture".

I began painting on shoes when a friend of mine was about to throw away a pair of sneakers because of some color spots.

Then I realized this could be a way to give new life to old clothes, shoes and accessories while also making them more personal which renders them more valuable.

This is how Radart Customs was born, an art page offering customization of apparel. I started informing myself about the effects of the fashion industry on the environment and became passionate about the topic.

In 2021 I was part of an Ethical fashion campaign at the University of Malta and then decided to organise a Sustainable fashion event in Bulgaria as part of the campaign "On the Green Track".

Throughout the past years I have been a part of many volunteering projects including festivals, one day events, local organisations and more. Currently I volunteer in two projects of AEGEE-Europe and in AEGEE-Sofia.