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EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels - Hungary

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels stops in Hungary as a part of its European tour. 

The Showroom on Wheels goes to Hungary!

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels arrived well and in time to Hungary, where it started with a tour all around Budapest, sharing its mission towards zero pollution and a circular economy at the most scenic stops.

For over a week, the Showroom continued touring the country under the sun and was popular among all age groups!


Tour of Hungary

St-Stephen's Basilica - Budapest

Nice stop under the sun at the St-Stephen's Basilica!

Parliament - Budapest

Biking with a view on the Hungarian Parliament!

Heroes' Square - Budapest

We had a quick stop on the Heroes' Square.

Szechenyi Spa - Budapest

Our last stop was near the famous Szechenyi Spa baths, but no time to swim, we had to keep rolling!


We were lucky to have a lot of kids visiting our stand in Millenaris where we were able to teach them about a circular economy and green products!


The Showroom on wheels stopped at Fonyód with a beautiful view!

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels took a tour of Hungary in September, 2022! Check out its itinerary below:

  1. 3 September
  2. 4-5 September
    Fonyód (Lake Balaton)
  3. 6 September
    Budapest, Hotel Marriott
  4. 7 September
  5. 8 September
  6. 9-10 September