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EU Ecolabel tourist accommodations - Consumer corner

Stringent criteria ensure that EU Ecolabel Tourist Accommodations are the best on the market in terms of environmental performance. Specifically the EU Ecolabel guarantees:  

  • an optimised environmental management
  • reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • reduced water consumption
  • reduced use of chemicals and pesticides
  • reduced waste generation – including food waste - and optimised waste management
  • reduced emissions from transport

By choosing EU Ecolabel tourist accommodations you contribute to the EU goal of climate neutrality by 2050, to the circular economy and zero pollution ambition.

You would like to know more about the environmental guarantees provided by the EU Ecolabel?

Consult our online factsheet.

Unsure where to find an EU Ecolabel-certified accommodation? Check the Accommodation Catalogue

Check the Accommodation Catalogue

Seasonal Activities


Whether you love to ski, to snowboard, or just want to relax, there is something extra special about a winter holiday.


A break in the countryside is a breath of fresh air. Away from the bustle of urban life there are so many ways to unwind, so many things to do that give a sense of wellbeing.

City breaks

Europe is full of great cities. Legendary capitals with their iconic landmarks, like the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, or the Plaza Mayor.


Summer holidays are special times, times for making memories. What will you want to remember about this summer?


Are you familiar with all the environmental benefits that the EU Ecolabel label guarantees as far as certified Tourist Accommodations are concerned? How well do you master the ABCs of Green and Sustainable Tourism? It’s time to find out…

How Green a holidaymaker are you?

Take this fun quiz and take your knowledge to the next level!

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Be part of the Green Generation

Consumer advice


How to support the campaign?

Spread the word!

Few people are aware that they can enjoy some amazing holiday times in the EU with a very reduced environmental footprint. You can help support our campaign by sharing and disseminating our material with friends, colleagues, family members and everyone you know who cares about the environment.

I’ve done that, what now?!

You’ve massively shared our messages, videos and campaign visuals… and wondering what to do next? Well, why not select an EU Ecolabel-certified accommodation for your next tourist destination? And don’t forget to post your photos or share your experience with us on social media using #EUEcolabel!