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How to apply

Step-by-step support for applying for an EU Ecolabel for your goods or services.

How to apply

You have decided to market your sustainable products with the EU Ecolabel? Congratulations, you have made the right choice! You will find all the information you need to apply for the EU Ecolabel in the seven steps below.

Please contact your national Competent Body or the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk in case you need assistance in finding the right goods or service group suitable for your purpose. You can also find more information on the Product group and criteria page.

Introduction on how to apply

Any company/business wishing to obtain the EU Ecolabel should contact and submit its application to the relevant competent body. The following should be considered:

  1. If a product originates in an EEA state, the application should be presented to a competent body of that country;
  2. If a product originates in several states within the EEA (in the same form), the application can be presented to a competent body in any one of the countries in which it originates;
  3. If a product originates outside the EEA, the application should be presented to a competent body in any of the Member States in which the product is going to be placed on the market.

We encourage you to choose the product group of your interest among the different product and service groups that are currently covered by the EU Ecolabel scheme, to carefully read the associated EU Ecolabel criteria and to make sure that your product falls within its scope (normally the scope is indicated in Article 1 of each criteria set). Please consider also the user manual for your product group, it will help you in preparing the technical dossier. For a short overview of the criteria, you can also look at the Factsheets that are provided for each product group under the respective tabs in the full list of established product and service groups.

Depending on the product/service group, you may need to provide declarations, documents, data sheets and test results to prove compliance with the EU Ecolabel criteria. For more information about tests on products, see the question, ‘Where can businesses have their products tested?’.

While the complete technical dossier should be sent to the relevant national competent body for assessment, an online application should also be notified to the Commission via the ECAT ADMIN Tool. For more information, please consult the dedicated ECAT User Manual for applicants.

You can also reach out to your national competent body (or check their national websites) for competent body guidance in the application process.

For more information on how to make an application, refer to the ‘How to apply for Ecolabel’ section.

Application process


Find the detailed fees related to your specific EU Ecolabel application below.

16 LUTY 2023
EU Ecolabel - Fees Table 2023
(1.56 MB - PDF)

Need help?

Should you have any questions regarding the related criteria for your good or service, or regarding your application contact your national Competent Body.

For general questions about the EU Ecolabel scheme, for a first orientation and general questions about ECAT, feel free to contact the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk.

Additional information can be found in the ECAT User Manual for applicants License Holders and the EU Ecolabel Logo Guidelines.