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Product groups and criteria

Discover the full range of EU Ecolabel products and criteria.

Found on thousands of everyday goods and services, whether online or offline, at home or work, the EU Ecolabel flower provides a reliable guide towards environmental excellence! 

In this section, you can learn about and consult the EU Ecolabel criteria established for different product groups that need to be met for a successful application. 

To support the EU Ecolabel application process, technical user manuals, specific for each product group, are available. They offer useful examples and instructions and contain the templates to be filled in. Part A of the manual, common to all product groups, provides general information on how to apply. Part B outlines the criteria for a specific product group set out in the Commission Decision. The manuals offer useful examples and instructions.

Check out our catalogues and user manuals…

EU Ecolabel Products Catalogue: Access the EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue to find out more information about environmentally friendly high quality products and where you can find them.

EU Ecolabel Tourist Accommodation Catalogue: Take a look at the EU Ecolabel Tourist Accommodation Catalogue to find out more information about environmentally friendly services.

User Manual Part A: General Information: This document gives general information in all languages valid for all product groups and is useful for all applicants. It should be read together with the technical user manuals available under each product group.

Discover the full range of EU Ecolabel product groups

Cleaning icon


Clean privately or professionally with less substances. 



Floor, roof, and all coverings reducing an impact on land. 


Do it yourself

Paint and varnishes which are safe for you, your family, and the environment. 



Provide the best conditions for your garden to thrive. 



Care for biodiversity and avoid hazardous substances. 



Lower your daily environmental impact with eco-friendly alternatives. 


The European Commission sets EU Ecolabel criteria for different categories of  products to minimise their environmental impacts over their entire lifecycle, while guaranteeing their high quality. Because each product category is different, the criteria are tailored to address their unique characteristics.

All criteria are developed in consultation with key stakeholders, including consumer associations and experts in the relevant field. They are periodically revised by the EU Ecolabelling Board (EUEB), which takes into account technical innovations or market changes to ensure they are up to date, robust, and trustworthy. 

For more information about on-going EU Ecolabel criteria revisions and developments, visit the European Product Bureau by the JRC and see the EU Ecolabel product group criteria and development section below.

EU Ecolabel product group criteria under development


Criteria development status

Financial products

The European Commission started the development of criteria for Financial products in October 2018.

More information can be found on the European Product Bureau website.

Food and feed products?

The Commission carried out a study on the feasibility of developing EU Ecolabel criteria for food and feed products. Read the final report of the feasibility study and the opinion of the European Union Ecolabelling Board.

Based on the findings, the Commission is currently not intending to develop EU Ecolabel criteria for food and feed products. The Commission could, however, revisit this issue in the future within in the context of the EU Ecolabel’s potential role in the development of any wider EU food strategy, in particular in light of developments in methodologies and tools for measuring the environmental impact (including by, for example, environmental foot-printing) of food and feed products.


Proposing a new EU Ecolabel product group

In case there is an interest for a new product group to be included in the EU Ecolabel scheme and EU Ecolabel criteria to be developed for this new product group, you can fill the criteria development form and sent it to the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk.

However, considering the priorities identified in the Strategic EU Ecolabel Work Plan 2020 – 2024, please note that no request for development of EU Ecolabel criteria for new product groups can be considered for the moment. The European Commission will collect the proposals and keep them for further consideration in the future, should resources become available.

Frequently asked questions on the EU Ecolabel products and criteria


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  • News announcement

New EU Ecolabel criteria for Absorbent Hygiene Products and Reusable Menstrual Cups

In September 2023, revised EU Ecolabel criteria for Absorbent Hygiene Products and brand new criteria for Reusable Menstrual Cups were adopted. The eligible products under these two product groups range from tampons and sanitary pads to baby diapers and, for the first time, reusable menstrual cups.

EU Ecolabel continues to grow! As of March 2023, 2 367 licences have been awarded for 88 045 products (goods and services) in the EU market.  +11% Textiles products +21% Absorbent hygiene products +42 % Indoor cleaning services
  • News announcement

EU Ecolabel - March 2023 Statistics

The EU Ecolabel - the official EU label of environmental excellence - registered once again a significant number of licences and awarded products!