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Where to find EU Ecolabel products and services, and how to get involved.

How retailers can support the EU Ecolabel

Simply stated, supporting the EU Ecolabel is a winning choice for you as a retailer. Not only does it boost your corporate image, it also allows you to fulfil your customers’ increasing demand for truly environmentally sustainable products.

The EU Ecolabel is a trusted and recognisable label across the EU, and guarantees a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility that speaks to the customer’s environmental concerns. By choosing EU Ecolabel products or services, consumers automatically make an environmentally friendly choice.

Retailers also have a key and unique position in the sustainable value chain as they choose which products or services to put on their shelves and online shops. Therefore, a retailer’s choices directly influence both consumers’ and producers’ behaviour. 

Factsheet for Retailers

As a retailer, your business can benefit from privileging EU Ecolabel certified goods and services in your shops or online platforms by:

  • Applying for the EU Ecolabel for products under your own brand name(s);
  • Increasing the number of EU Ecolabel goods and services available on your shelves and online shops;
  • Placing EU Ecolabel products in prominent places in shops or online, so shoppers take notice;
  • Encouraging or requesting suppliers to apply for the EU Ecolabel for their products.

What’s more, you can support the further uptake of the EU Ecolabel by:

  • Integrating the EU Ecolabel into your communication campaigns and promotions;
  • Taking advantage of communication campaigns promoted by the European Commission;
  • Informing consumers about the EU Ecolabel;
  • Making pledges related to zero pollution through the Sustainable Consumption Pledge and the EU Climate Pact by promoting ‘near-zero waste’ products and services that are proven to be less polluting over their whole life cycle, such as those awarded the EU Ecolabel.

As an E-retailer in particular, you can:

  • Consult the EU Open Data Portal to access public data on EU Ecolabel products;
  • Set up partnerships with the EU Ecolabel, contact the Helpdesk to find out more;
  • Participate in our promotional activities and check out the EU Ecolabel success stories.

Discover more

How to apply

Step-by-step support for applying for an EU Ecolabel for your goods or services.


Do you want more information about the EU Ecolabel? Please check our FAQ page or contact our Helpdesk.



Key Figures - Sept 2022
  • News announcement

September 2022 Statistics Release

The EU Ecolabel steadily continues its growth of awarded licenses and product diversification with the inauguration of two new product groups.

EU Ecolabel
  • News announcement

EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels

On 30 and 31 May, the EU Ecolabel will celebrate its 30th anniversary at EU Green Week. A special birthday party on 31 May will include the launch of a new ‘Showroom on Wheels!’ to showcase the scheme’s contributions to environmental excellence and sustainable consumer choices.

Key FIgures
  • News announcement

March 2022 Statistics

The growth of EU Ecolabel products continues in the year of its 30th anniversary.