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Where to find EU Ecolabel products and services, and how to get involved.

Supporting the EU Ecolabel is a winning choice for retailers looking for a point of difference and to meet increasing customer demands for verified sustainable products.

As a trusted and recognisable brand, the EU Ecolabel guarantees a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility that addresses the customers' environmental concerns.

With more and more certified products available, eco-retailers can find greater variety of EU Ecolabel products to stock their shelves. They can identify which products are already certified via the EU Ecolabel product catalogue

Many retailers are applying for the EU Ecolabel for products sold under their own brand name, and creating dedicated in-store sections/aisles, eco-friendly promotions, and ‘ecolabel’ partnerships with suppliers.

The growing power of eco-branding means retailers can encourage suppliers to apply for the label and benefit from preferential ‘green product’ campaigns, often piggybacking on national, international and EU actions.

Retailers and businesses may also consider signing up to the likes of the EU Sustainable Consumption Pledge to further increase their green credentials and visibility. This all supports the EU’s Zero Pollution Ambition and policies aimed at making sustainable products the norm by 2030.

Retailers – both physical shops and e-commerce – can access public information on EU Ecolabel awarded products by consulting the EU Open Data Portal. They can improve the display of EU Ecolabel products on sale and instal tags/filters to easily identify such products in their store or online.

Check out the EU Ecolabel success stories for ideas on how to promote the brand.   
Contact EU Ecolabel helpdesk for more ideas and potential partnerships.

Frequently asked questions about selling and promoting EU Ecolabel goods and services.

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How to apply

How to apply

Step-by-step support for applying for an EU Ecolabel for your goods or services.


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  • News announcement

New EU Ecolabel criteria for Absorbent Hygiene Products and Reusable Menstrual Cups

In September 2023, revised EU Ecolabel criteria for Absorbent Hygiene Products and brand new criteria for Reusable Menstrual Cups were adopted. The eligible products under these two product groups range from tampons and sanitary pads to baby diapers and, for the first time, reusable menstrual cups.

EU Ecolabel continues to grow! As of March 2023, 2 367 licences have been awarded for 88 045 products (goods and services) in the EU market.  +11% Textiles products +21% Absorbent hygiene products +42 % Indoor cleaning services
  • News announcement

EU Ecolabel - March 2023 Statistics

The EU Ecolabel - the official EU label of environmental excellence - registered once again a significant number of licences and awarded products!