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EU Ecolabel facts and figures

As of March 2024, 2 743 licences have been awarded for 95 758 products (comprising goods and services) on the EU market.

The number of EU Ecolabel licences keeps growing!

95 758 products
(goods and services) awarded with the EU Ecolabel
2 743 licences
awarded to companies
159 new licences
awarded since September 2023

Since September 2023, there has been a consistent upward trend in the awarding of licences[1] and products, with most EU Ecolabel product groups experiencing growth. The number of current EU Ecolabel awarded licences and products is the highest ever registered so far. This increase reflects a sustained interest in eco-friendly products among businesses, consumers, and retailers.   

Compared to the figures from September 2023 there has been a notable increase in:

  • The total number of awarded products (+6 837 products = +8%)

  • The total number of awarded licences* (+ 159 licences = +6%)

* A licence refers to an EU Ecolabel contract encompassing one or several awarded products within the same product group.

Products awarded by product category
  • 37 486
  • 22 043
    Paper products
  • 13 451
  • 10 083
    Clothing and textiles
  • 7 097
  • 2 443
    Furniture and bed mattresses
  • 1 750
    Personal care products
  • 705
    Holiday accommodation
  • 615
  • 82
  • 3
    Electronic equipment
Highest growing product groups over the past 6 months (in terms of licences)
  • +85 licences
    Tourist accommodation services
  • +17 licences
    Cosmetic products
  • +14 licences
    Printed paper, stationery paper and paper carrier bag products
  • +9 licences


The leading product group in terms of awarded licences, remains Tourist accommodation services, with a total of 684 licences. During the last semester, it obtained an additional 85 new licences marking a +14% increase. Also, Cosmetic products, Printed paper, stationery paper and paper carrier bag products, and Furniture recorded high increments of +17, +14, +9 licences, respectively.

March 2024 statistics in more detail

Licences and products per country

Most EU Ecolabel licences are awarded in Italy (17%), France (16%), Germany (16%), and Spain (13%). Similarly, the majority of products are awarded in Spain, (15%), Italy (15%), France (14%), and Germany (10%).

Licences and products per product group

Out of the total 2 743 licences, most remain to the following product groups: Tourist accommodation services (25%), Hard surface cleaning products (13%), and Tissue paper and tissue products (8%).

The most popular product groups in terms of number of products continue to be: Indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes (39%), Tissue paper and tissue products (17%), Textiles (10%), and Hard surface cleaning products (8%).

Most EU Ecolabel product groups have again witnessed an increase in the number of both licences and products.

Additional explanation on the evolution of selected product groups:

  • In 2020, Electronic Displays (Decision (EU) 2020/1804) replaced the former product group Televisions.
  • In 2021, Cosmetic products (Decision (EU) 2021/1870) replaced the former product group Rinse-off cosmetics.
  • In 2022 onwards, Growing media and soil improvers (Decision (EU) 2022/1244) replaced the former product group Growing media, soil improvers and mulch.
  • Printed paper, stationery paper and paper carrier bag products (Decision (EU) 2020/1803) includes the three former product groups Converted Paper, Newsprint paper and Printed Paper, which were merged in 2020.
  • In 2023, new criteria were adopted for Absorbent hygiene products. This product group still includes licences and products adhering to the 2014 criteria (expires on 20/09/2024).