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ZEROBARRACENTO: the sustainable fashion project making zero waste a reality

Making zero waste, gender and age inclusivity and sustainability a reality in fashion.

Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue in the fashion industry, and brands are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Enter ZEROBARRACENTO, an emerging Italian outerwear brand with a strong focus on zero waste and sustainability. The project has received a grant under the European Commission’s WORTH Partnership Project.

Founded on the principles of zero waste, gender and age inclusivity, reduction of pollution and emissions, and the use of sustainable materials, ZEROBARRACENTO is committed to making high-quality, stylish clothing without harming the planet. The brand's unique pattern development process is what sets it apart, enabling ZEROBARRACENTO to make garments without any waste material, which is usually around 15%. This innovative technique not only conserves fabric but also reduces the carbon footprint of each garment.

Making zero waste, gender and age inclusivity and sustainability a reality in fashion.


But ZEROBARRACENTO's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. The brand carefully selects suppliers who share their values, and they prioritise using sustainable materials and eco-packaging techniques. By controlling every step of their supply chain, they can ensure high levels of traceability and transparency.

In addition, the brand designs mono-material products whenever possible, making recycling at the end of their products' lives easier. They also incorporate selvages as an aesthetic addition, giving their designs a refined and intriguing look.

ZEROBARRACENTO was born from the necessity of optimising the textile and fashion fabrication chains by enhancing common fabrication processes, but this needs a genuine mind-shift of both designers and manufacturers," said ZEROBARRACENTO founder and CEO Camilla Carrara. "The challenge is to build quality items while adhering to zero-waste practices. To achieve this, the designer needs to take sustainability concerns into account in addition to aesthetics and wearability."

The brand's commitment to sustainability and zero waste doesn't come at the expense of style or quality. ZEROBARRACENTO's designs are chic, versatile, and made to last. The absence of buttons, zippers, or hooks in their designs not only makes them easier to disassemble but also gives them a timeless, minimalist look.

This project is supported by the WORTH partnership project, funded by the EU Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME)