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2022 edition application and selection process

Natura 2000 Award

Find out everything you need to know about the ongoing edition of the Natura 2000 Award including the selection and evaluation process, the people behind the evaluations and the timeframe for this edition. 

2022 edition timeframe

The current edition of the European Natura 2000 Award kicked off on 21 May 2021 – Natura 2000 Day. Other key dates for the current edition are presented below.

  1. 18 May 2022
    Award Ceremony / winners announced

    Please see the event page here

  2. 21 March – 27 April 2022
    Public vote for the Citizens' Award
  3. 21 March 2022
    Finalists announced
  4. 14 October 2021
    Deadline for 2022 edition submissions
  5. 21 May 2021
    Launch of 2022 edition call for applications

2022 application process

The application phase of the Natura 2000 Award is now closed. Anyone directly involved in Natura 2000 – businesses, authorities, NGOs, volunteers, landowners, educational institutions, or individuals – could apply for the 2022 edition of the Award up until 14 October 2021. 

2022 selection process

All eligible applications were assessed by a team of independent evaluators, resulting in a list of finalists. A high-level Jury decided on the five winners, one for each category. From the finalists, the public also chose the winner of the European Citizens’ Award through a public vote.

All finalists were invited to the Award Ceremony on 18 May 2022 in Brussels when the winners were announced. The six winners received a trophy and a small financial prize. Winners also receive financial support to organise a promotional event in their country to showcase their win and to raise awareness about their achievements on a local and national level.

You can discover all winners, finalists and applications here.

2022 evaluation team

The 2022 edition evaluation team was composed of eight independent experts.

2022 edition jury

A high-level Jury selected the five Natura 2000 Award category winners for 2022. 

The members of the Jury included the Director-General of DG Environment of the European Commission, and representatives of the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions and other involved stakeholders.