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The Natura 2000 Logo

The Natura 2000 logo exists since 1996 and is used to promote the Natura 2000 ecological network and to increase awareness about it. 

The logo can be used by Member States to identify Natura 2000 sites, or for communication purposes on documents and publications, by anyone involved in the management or promotion of the Natura 2000 sites and network.

Natura 2000 logo

Download the Natura 2000 logo

The logo can also be used on goods and services sourced from or linked to the Natura 2000  network and which are compatible with or contribute to the conservation of the species and habitats protected in the sites. To use the Natura 2000 logo for this purpose, Member States shall sign a free licence agreement with the Commission and ensure that conditions for labelling goods and services with the Natura 2000 logo are met.

The use of the Natura 2000 logo gives visibility to the Natura 2000 network and the benefits it provides to local economies, in line with the European Green Deal. It provides opportunities for both consumers and producers. For consumers, the logo serves as a clear and reliable indicator of nature-inclusive products and services. This helps to make informed and responsible purchases which support conservation efforts and sustainable development. For producers, the logo provides a marketing advantage by associating their goods and services to the Natura 2000 network and its conservation mission across the EU.