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European Green Capital Award - Inspiration

Citizens can make significant changes in favour of healthier villages, cities, countries. In favour of a better planet. 

How is that possible?

To best support and inspire you in your green transition, we would like to share citizen’s diaries, stories and good practice factsheets. We hope they will motivate and mostly empower you in your daily life.

Citizen Diaries

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a European Green Capital? 

Now you can hear from some of the citizens who act as engines of change and pioneer innovative solutions to environmental challenges. We will be posting interviews with residents from our European Green Capital cities to inspire you.

Please check the Citizen Diaries from 2012 to 2021.

Citizen Diaries - Tallinn

Citizen Diaries - Grenoble

Jacques Felix-Faure

Jacques Félix-Faure

Jacques Félix-Faure, architect for Atelier17C in Barraux (France) has engaged with a tremendous request to build an eight-floor social housing entirely in wood.

Isabelle Robles

Isabelle Robles

Isabelle Robles, agricultural engineer and founder of “MillePousses”, (“One thousand micro sprouts”) has realised her dream: she has built an urban farm with the aim to create social integration jobs and enhance circular economy in Grenoble. 

Bernard Mehl

Bernard Mehl

Bernard Mehl, zero food waste ambassador and college canteen responsible, watches over and promotes the “En Isère, stop au gaspillage alimentaire!” plan that fights against food waste in college schools.

Gloria Leroy_Web

Gloria Leroy

Gloria Leroy, female entrepreneur, vélotaxi (bicycle taxi) driver and soft mobility promoter had the glorious idea to propose a vélotaxi service (bicycle taxi) in Grenoble (European Green Capital 2022).

Pascal Aspe picking up some flowers in the garden of Terre Vivante

Pascal Aspe

Pascal Aspe, a biologist holding a PhD in forest trees genetics, has been training people for years to garden at Terre Vivante.

Loïc Bouffard on his bycicle

Loïc Bouffard

Loïc Bouffad considers that a trained cyclist is a sustainable cyclist who will not give up on riding his bike at the first technical issue.

Good Practices

Would you like to know more about what makes a city green? 

The EU Green Capital Good Practices provide real life examples of how applicant cities and winners have become more sustainable in various areas such as air quality, sustainable public transport, public engagement, urban planing and many others.

Please check the Good Practices and Reports for the cycles from 2010 to 2021.