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Become a Green City Accord Supporter

Not a city, but still interested in supporting the Green City Accord? Find out how your organisation can support.

Benefits of becoming a Green City Accord Supporter

  • Become part of a community of cities and stakeholders committed to improving the environment, and have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.
  • Participate in and/or co-organise Green City Accord events (e.g. workshops, webinars) and capacity-building activities for cities.
  • Be part of a key EU environmental initiative.

Sign the Green City Accord Supporters’ Statement

There are two steps to becoming a Green City Accord Supporter:

1. Fill out the registration form

2. After the Green City Accord secretariat confirms your eligibility, complete and sign the Green City Accord Supporters’ Statement and email it to the secretariat.

To submit the registration form, you must set up an EU login. More information about how to create a EU login is available here.

Current supporters