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Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform - Get involved

You can get involved in the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Forum in several ways.

Become a member

The members of the Platform have been selected, with meetings taking place on 16 December 2021. The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform is composed of several stakeholder groups:

  • Businesses
  • Civil Society
  • Cities and Regions
  • Academia
  • EU Member State Steering Group
  • Observers from International Organisations

All members and observers of the Platform are listed in the section ’Members’ in the Register of Commission Expert Groups.

For any questions, please contact:

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Make a ‘zero pollution pledge’

The pledges will promote the best available, ‘near-zero waste’ options. This means products and services that are proven to be less polluting over their whole life cycle, especially those awarded the EU Ecolabel. The aim is to provide people with more options, and clearer information on cleaner options.

Through making a Sustainable Consumption Pledge which is a voluntary cooperation with businesses to increase the sustainability of production and consumption, thereby complementing other regulatory actions. 

Companies are invited to make a voluntary pledge including a ‘zero pollution pledge’ to support sustainable consumption, beyond what is required by law. This initiative is part of the New Consumer Agenda. 

Through the Sustainable Consumer Pledges, companies are invited to make a voluntary pledge including a ‘zero pollution pledge’.