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Green Growth and Eco-innovation Expert

Zita Dibáczi

Environmental and Renewable Energy Expert

Dibáczi Zita


Green Growth and Eco-innovation Expert

EU Green Capital Expert for Green Growth and Eco-innovation

EU Green Leaf Expert for Waste Management and Circular Economy

Zita works for UNITED Engineering in Hungary, as a senior expert on integrated sustainable urban civil engineering planning & management. Her responsibilities include feasibility studies, and licensing of projects which significantly contribute to the upgrading and transformation of local and regional development, in line with the long-term strategic plans and policy framework.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering and MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering.

Since 2005, she has dedicated her professional activity to environmental and renewable energy technology. Zita is also passionate about environmental and sustainability issues, as well as climate change mitigation which she follows with interest. She has extensive experience working on international programmes and projects for both private and public organisations.

Throughout her career, she has gained an in-depth understanding of urban & regional planning from different perspectives, such as resource efficiency, waste management, water, noise, air pollution, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and low carbon technologies through integrating renewable energy sources.

Zita has expertise in Green Technologies and Environmental impact assessments [EIA], and holds a full-scale Environmental Expert Licence from the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers for Air Quality, Noise and vibration, Water, and Geological media protection, Waste management.

Since 2013, she has evaluated and reviewed more than 100 research and innovation projects under the FP7, EEA Grants and HORIZON 2020 calls related to Low Carbon/Sustainable projects submitted by public and private entities.