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The Road to Green

The Road to Green
The TV magazine exploring green solutions

The European Commission has launched a TV magazine in cooperation with Euronews. The programme explores how various aspects of the European Green Deal are taking shape on the ground, positioning EU environment policies as responses to ongoing societal challenges. It features monthly 8-minute videos, delivered in a road trip format, covering Europe’s continuing transformation to a circular, net-zero, nature-positive and clean economy.

Episode 12: How is the EU combating greenwashing?

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Waste being loaded on ships.

Waste trafficking is one of today’s most serious environmental crimes and a highly lucrative business. In this episode, Euronews explores how the EU is limiting waste exports and making better use of its waste.

Olivia Mandle, young climate activist

Are you too young to care about the environment or be a climate activist? Well, think again, because young people from all over Europe are taking matters into their own hands, with actions to address the global climate and nature crises.

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Tropical Forests
  • News article

In this episode of 'The Road to Green', Euronews asks if we can consume without creating problems for forests, what chocolate has to do with deforestation and if you can eat chocolate and still enjoy the benefits of forests.

  • 2 min read