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Beyond the hype: how the EU Ecolabel helps us all make informed choices

European Climate Pact event stand

Take a look at the marketing messages from any of your favourite brands, and you’ll probably notice a trend: eco-branding is on the rise. From buzzwords like ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘carbon-neutral’, to packaging and imagery that’s nature-inspired or sometimes even green in colour, companies are trying to tap into our desire to reduce our impact on the planet.  

But while many brands are walking the talk, others are still trying to attract well-meaning consumers with misleading or exaggerated claims. Amid a sea of green claims and labels, how can we separate genuine sustainability efforts from marketing hype?  

That’s where an established and trusted label like the EU Ecolabel comes in. 

An EU-wide mark of confidence   

Launched more than 30 years ago, the EU Ecolabel is the official EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence of products. It supports the green transition and climate action by offering consumers a verified way to make sustainable choices when purchasing goods and services. Thanks to the strict criteria - based on scientific data and information about the entire product life cycle - that products must comply with to be awarded the label, it showcases products that are truly ‘best in class’ in terms of reduced environmental impact. 

The label guarantees that products are made from sustainably sourced raw materials; are durable and easy to repair or recycle; minimise waste, pollution and CO2 emissions; restrict the use of hazardous chemicals; and use energy, water and raw materials wisely. 

Currently, there are almost 96 000 EU Ecolabel awarded products on the EU market, ranging from personal care products, paper and detergents to electronic equipment, textile products and holiday accommodation.  

On the road to raise awareness 

Awareness of the EU Ecolabel is rising according to a Eurobarometer poll. And to build on that momentum, the EU Ecolabel community of supporters is on the move, spreading its positive message to citizens and businesses alike.  

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels is small caravan, powered by an electric bike, which transforms into an informative mini-exhibition complete with a range of eco-labelled products, from notebooks and shoes, to detergents and absorbent hygiene products. Visitors get to discover what the EU Ecolabel stands for and learn how to easily identify goods and services that can help them run a sustainable lifestyle.  

The Showroom on Wheels kicked off its 2024 European tour at the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) on 15 April in Brussels, engaging with consumers, businesses and decision-makers on the future of the circular economy. Consumers are key agents of change in the circular economy, and the Showroom’s sporty, Olympic-inspired campaign reinforces the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. 

The Showroom also made a stop at the European Consumer Summit in Brussels on 18 April, where the EU Ecolabel Team engaged in discussions about the pivotal role of the EU Ecolabel in the Sustainable Pledge commitments.   

Earlier in April, the European Youth Week in Brussels was another great opportunity for the EU Ecolabel to expand its reach, this time interacting with hundreds of young, engaged EU citizens who came together to voice their vision for the future of Europe. At the event’s bustling marketplace, the EU Ecolabel shared a stand with the European Climate Pact, encouraging people to take concrete steps in their own worlds to build a more sustainable future. 

Moving from ambition to climate action and more 

How can you make your everyday choices count towards a more sustainable Europe? The next time you go shopping or book your holiday accommodation, look beyond the marketing hype and seek out the EU Ecolabel. 

And if you’re a Climate Pact Ambassador, use your voice to spread the word about the EU Ecolabel and inspire people to make more sustainable choices. 

With the EU Ecolabel, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future, one choice at a time! 

More information?  

Want to find out more about the EU Ecolabel? Visit or take a look at the dedicated page for consumers. You might also like to check out the latest facts & figures about the EU Ecolabel and follow our LinkedIn page to stay up to date.