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News article22 February 2024Directorate-General for Environment2 min read

Enjoy a greenwash, without 'greenwashing'

Bulgaria’s first EU Ecolabel cosmetic product - sustainable packaging, sustainable new formula 

Visual of a Moskov&Son product

Visitors staying in many of Sofia’s hotels can now freshen up in more eco-friendly style. This is because they are using a body wash supplied by Moskov & Son. The company’s Energising Shampoo and Shower Gel is the first personal care product to be awarded the prestigious EU Ecolabel in Bulgaria. The gel’s sustainable packaging and formulation meet the new EU Ecolabel criteria for cosmetic products adopted by the European Commission in October 2021.  

EU Ecolabel cosmetic products must not only be of high quality, but also comply with a range of strict criteria. Compliance with these criteria is independently verified, ensuring the EU Ecolabel is a reliable certification of environmental excellence, preventing any 'greenwashing'.   

“We are proud to announce that our Energising Shampoo and Shower Gel has been awarded the EU Ecolabel certification. This formula has been designed to meet the strict criteria set by the EU Ecolabel, ensuring that it is an eco-friendly and sustainable product.” Georgi Moskov, Project Manager, Moskov & Son. 

Sustainable packaging 

To meet the EU Ecolabel criteria for minimal and easy-to-recycle packaging, the Energising Shampoo and Shower Gel is supplied in reusable dispensers that are simple to refill.  

Moreover, for all its products, Moskov & Son is now moving to packaging comprising only a single type of material for easier recycling.  Last but not least, the company is reducing packaging weight to keep resource use to a minimum. 

Sustainable formula 

Moskov & Son's EU Ecolabel Energising Shampoo and Shower Gel has sustainably sourced vegetable oil as its main ingredient. Crucially, the gel complies with stringent criteria thresholds for the biodegradability of its components, and mandatory restrictions on the use of substances hazardous to the environment, such as fragrances, preservatives, and colourants.  As in every EU Ecolabel cosmetic product, hazardous substances such as nanomaterials, endocrine-disruptors and microplastics are not allowed in the formulation. 

Other Moskov & Son products are now being evaluated for the EU Ecolabel, starting with liquid soap and hair conditioner. These products, once certified, will be marketed under the BIOLogica brand, specifically targeting spa centres and hotel guest rooms.  

With increasingly more EU Ecolabel products available on the market, it is becoming easier for hotels to demonstrate their own commitment to sustainability. Discover all EU Ecolabel goods and services on the online catalogue


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Publication date
22 February 2024
Directorate-General for Environment

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