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News article29 January 2024Directorate-General for Environment1 min read

Tallinn participates in the UN Climate Change Conference COP28

A highlight of a memorable Green Capital year 2023 An example where Green Capitals can contribute with their expertise and achieve more visibility is the yearly COP conference.

Group picture of Tallinn representatives at COP28
Group picture Tallinn at COP28
©Tallinn, European Green Capital 2023

Tallinn representatives were present at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). As one of the official partners for Estonia, Tallinn, the 2023 European Green Capital, took the floor at Estonia’s pavilion and showcased its most memorable sustainable achievements in recent years.

Tallinn is considered a pioneer in various fields but especially in innovation. The capital of Estonia’s competencies in new technologies and innovative investments were clearly shown in the activities managed under the flag of the European Green Capital initiative throughout 2023. It was therefore obvious for the Estonian capital to act as a representative for everything related to sustainability at the European level during this event. At COP28 on 6 December 2023, Tallinn representatives shared their challenges and experiences in urbanisation, transportation and environment with various stakeholders, such as international organisations, companies and universities.

If one looks back at Tallinn’s memorable year as the European Green Capital, it can be noted that new technologies were constantly present in all the strategies and initiatives undertaken by the city. Tallinn was also a strong example in showing how it is possible to invest in innovative programmes while addressing sustainable challenges and issues related to climate change.

"The key to practical solutions for decarbonization and a sustainable future lies often in cities, where also the majority of greenhouse gases is produced. We need leadership, cooperation, decisions and their implementation now for a lasting environmental change," said the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Joosep Vimm.

During COP28, Tallinn also showcased its leadership on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and shed light on the digital green twins through the smart city initiatives. Ralf-Martin Soe, one of Tallinn’s Green Ambassadors, which was highlighted in the Citizen Diaries project, took the floor to present practical case studies on leveraging green innovation in cities and fostering collaboration between the public and private sector.

Tallinn representatives giving a speech
Meeting about digital green twins at COP28
©Tallinn, European Green Capital 2023

Learn more about Tallinn’s detailed programme at COP28 in Dubai.


Publication date
29 January 2024
Directorate-General for Environment

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