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News article20 May 2021Directorate-General for Environment1 min read

World Bee Day: Pollinator Park now available in new language versions

On World Bee Day, when we celebrate the vital role of bees and other pollinating insects for our existence, agriculture and global ecosystems, the Commission launches new language versions of its interactive educational tool Pollinator Park – a dystopian virtual reality experience of a world without pollinators. Pollinator Park is now available in French, German, Spanish and Dutch, both online and in virtual reality.  

Pollinator Park uses gamification, storytelling and immersive technologies to bring the message of alarming insect decline and the need for urgent action closer to wide audiences, targeting younger generations in particular. Designed in collaboration with renowned architect Vincent Callebaut in his characteristic eco-futuristic style, Pollinator Park immerses you in a world where man and nature co-exist in harmony, hoping to change your perspective and help turn the tide.

Publicly available online and in virtual reality, it invites visitors to learn about pollinators, try their hand at pollination, shop for groceries in a pollinator-deprived world, and find out how they can help avoid this possible future.

Pollinator Park is set in 2050, when a cascade of ecological crises has impoverished the world and pollinating insects have all but disappeared. The one beacon of hope in this barren landscape is a futuristic farm, which provides a safe haven for pollinators and is an eye-opener for visitors.

Developed with the support of recognised scientific institutions – the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Pollinator Park is suitable for dissemination in museums, events, and educational institutions. It also attempts to harness the power of the fastest-growing media platform in the world – the world’s 2 billion video gamers.


Publication date
20 May 2021
Directorate-General for Environment

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