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Waste and Circular Economy Expert

Olivier Gaillot

Director of Environment, Energy and Resource Management, RPS Group Ltd., Ireland

Olivier Gaillot


EU Green Capital Expert for Waste Management

EU Green Leaf Expert for Waste Management

Olivier Gaillot is Director of Environment, Energy, and Resource Management in RPS. Olivier is a Chartered Waste Manager with a master’s Degrees in Strategic Procurement and Environmental Engineering.

For the last 18 years Olivier has specialized in the waste and resource management sector, developing expertise in waste policy and legislation, strategy and planning, data analysis and technical assessments. Olivier served as project manager for rx3, ‘rethink recycle remake’, a national platform whose main focus was on closing the material loop, through the development of markets for reusable, remanufactured and recyclable materials.

This closed-loop recycling project correctly anticipated the ‘circular economy’ policy by the EU Commission favouring eco-innovation, economic development and job creation. The project received the best public sector award at the 2013 Green Awards. He has also served as the project manager for the development of green public procurement guidance and review of Extended Producer Responsibility in Ireland. Olivier is a member of the Irish National Waste Prevention Committee chaired by the EPA. In his current role in RPS, Olivier manages teams of engineers and scientists delivering high quality projects across the environmental, energy, waste/resource efficiency sectors.