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EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels - Czech Republic

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels stops in Czech Republic to celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

The Showroom on Wheels in Czech Republic

Ahoj Česko! The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels took a tour across Czech Republic in September 2022. With quizzes, samples, games, and an overall positive energy, our team on site created a fun and interactive environment to teach visitors about how to adopt sustainable everyday choices!

Take a look at the Showroom's visit to Prague:

The Showroom on Wheels visits Prague!

Prague's National Technical Library
Prague's National Technical Library

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels started it's tour in Czech Republic at the National Library of Technology in Prague where it was part of the Environment Conference hosted by the local environmental ministry!

EU Ecolabel - Sow - Czechia
Prague, Dragon Ships Festival

The Dragon Ship festival was a great success. While the Showroom on the Wheels couldn't float down the river, it did engage all its visitors to learn about sustainable alternatives through quizzes and games!

EU Ecolabel - Sow - Czechia
Prague, Karlínský Coffee Festival

Despite the challenging weather, the Showroom on wheels had an amazing time at Karlínský. Visitors weren't only blown away by the wind, but also the variety and quality of EU Ecolabel products!

EU Ecolabel - Sow - Czechia
Ministry of Environment MŽP

The Showroom stationed in front of the Czech Ministry of environment to share how accessible sustainable choices are with the EU Ecolabel. 


EU Ecolabel - Sow - Czechia
Čez Run Tour Praha

Thanks to the beautiful weather, the stop at Čez Run Tour was quite the success! Kids were also happy to get a special mask of our creature Ecolífek, who helps people learn about the value of ecolabeling. The adults were also happy to get some nice gifts from the wheel of fortune when they correctly answered one question about ecolabeling.

  1. 13 September
    Prague's National Technical Library

    PRAGUE 6, Technická 6

  2. 17 September
    Prague, Dragon Ships

    PRAGUE 5, shipyard USK Malá Chuchle, Strakonická 48

  3. 18 September
    Prague, Karlínský Coffee Festival 

    PRAGUE 8, Karlínské náměstí

  4. 24 September
    Prague, Čez run tour

    PRAGUE 6, Park Ladronka (by the TV tower)

  5. 25 September
    Prague, Karlínský street food Festival 

    PRAGUE 8, Karlínské náměstí