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How Level(s) applies to you

How can Level(s) support you?

Level(s) helps built environment and sustainability professionals, investors and policy makers in their efforts to transform the built environment into a sustainable and circular one.

Below you can identify how each stakeholder can make the most of Level(s).



Policy makers




Built Environment and Sustainability professionals


  • Uses consistent indicators for all project stages, based on best practice industry standards.
  • Brings together building professionals to discuss sustainable objectives.
  • Supports comparison of design options and encourages monitoring of real performance.

Policy makers / Procurers / Public authorities


  • Is based on a method tried and tested across the EU, and underpins future EU policy.
  • Allows public authorities to develop and implement policies and actions.
  • Brings minimum numbers of indicators with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability.

Investors / Property owners / Landlords


  • Ensures future proofing of buildings as it tracks performance throughout the full life cycle.
  • Brings consistency, accountability and, thus, investor confidence.
  • Supports communication on value based on Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG).