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Start using Level(s)

How to access the Level(s) framework and begin using it.

If you are new to Level(s), we recommend you explore the Let’s meet Level(s) pages before you start using the Level(s) framework in your working environment. This will ensure you understand the benefits of Level(s) and how it works.

Once you have a foundation understanding, you will need to download the user manuals. They contain all the information you need to put Level(s) into practice.

  • User Manual 1 is your introduction. It provides detailed information on who Level(s) is for and how to use it.
  • User Manual 2 shows you how to set up a project according to the Level(s) methodology.
  • The documents comprising User Manual 3 provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to apply each of the Level(s) performance indicators.

The user manuals and accompanying Level(s) documentation are available to download on the website of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.


Level(s) documentation

Looking for tools or training materials to help you to get going with Level(s)?

Online training and useful resources will be published on our eLearning and tools page as they become available.

Level(s) is designed to improve the sustainability of buildings throughout their lifecycle, helping professionals deliver better buildings – while also speeding Europe’s transition towards a more circular economic model.

Virginius Sinkevicius, EU Commissioner for the Environment


General publications | | Directorate-General for Environment

If you are interested in Level(s) but unsure where to start, don’t worry. The Level(s) eLearning programme will help you to get going.

General publications | | Directorate-General for Environment

If you are using Level(s), the European framework for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings, you can access the European Commission’s free Calculation and Assessment Tool (CAT) to help you create Level(s) assessments for building projects.

General publications | | Directorate-General for Environment

Level(s) is a European framework to help built-environment sector professionals assess and monitor the sustainability performance of buildings. If you operate an assessment or certification scheme in the European Union, this publication can help you understand how Level(s) complements your work.