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ECOMODA: Upskilling clothing & textile SMEs for sustainable growth

Developing skills in sustainability and promoting ethical dimensions for all businesses in the apparel and textile sector.

Textile and apparel industries have long been criticized for their negative impact on the environment, as it accounts for up to one-fifth of industrial water pollution. However, a growing movement of people and organizations are determined to change this.

ECOMODA is an Erasmus+ project with partners from Poland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Bulgaria, which aims at creating knowledge, competences and skills about sustainability and ethical dimensions for businesses involved in the clothing and textile sector. This project will provide high-quality training to all professionals working in the apparel and textile industry, including designers, textile manufacturers, SMEs’ owners, managers and employees.


ECOMODA is developing a range of learning courses and a digital platform to support sustainable practices. These resources aim to engage employees and employers in the industry to adopt sustainability and promote positive change.

The first course is an e-learning course for apparel SMEs, owners, managers, designers and textile manufacturers. It is a fully online course that has several objectives, such as: initiating the management concept of Corporate Social Responsibility to provide information on dealing with environmental and socioeconomic issues of the sector. The course covers topics such as planning sustainable business, green supply chain, good practices from sustainable and ethical textile and apparel companies, etc.

The second course is a blended learning course for apparel and textile employees, which helps understand the importance of sustainable practices and develop the skills needed to implement these practices. The course covers topics such as waste reduction, sustainable materials, and eco-design principles.

ECOMODA is also designing a digital platform called “My Eco-Enterprise” to engage employees and employers of the apparel and textile industry in sustainable practices. The platform will include a strategic roadmap, a “check-how sustainable-is-your business” quiz, a success-stories subpage and a wiki tool allowing employees and employers to connect and share best practices related to sustainability.

Engaging all working levels and sectors of an enterprise and developing green sectoral skills, will help enhance the sustainability in the industry at a long-term goal as it will create a deeper behavioural change throughout all the levels of a company at all levels.

Maria Kandila, Project Manager from IDEC S.A., partner in ECOMODA project.

For more information on the ECOMODA project and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, be sure to visit the website or Facebook page.