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Elaboration of guidelines for best risk management approaches in the extractive sector


Risk management of a mine or any other extractive facility is a systemic approach that aims to optimise the overall safety and environmental performance of the facility. In order to elaborate the guidelines, the Commission organises an exchange of information that:

  • identifies key activities to be addressed in the guidelines
  • collects information on risk management approaches applied in the EU and worldwide in the extractive sector;
  • considers the entire life cycle of an extractive site from the planning phase to the post-closure phase;
  • specifies, where relevant, of environmental and operational monitoring needs;
  • assesses the economics of the application of best risk management approaches for the sector;
  • proposes best risk management approaches.


This project is supported by a service contract and a Technical Advisory Group (TAG-RM) with representatives of Member States, industries concerned, including equipment and material suppliers and service providers, non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection and organisations promoting workers health and safety.

The risk management guidelines foster the sustainable supply of raw materials within the EU by identifying key activities most relevant to ensure the sustainability of extractive operations; support social acceptance of mining projects by identifying the most relevant risks and by providing approaches to avoid or mitigate them; encourage resource efficiency and the recovery of secondary raw materials. Conclusions drawn from the information exchange have no legally binding effect on EU Member States.


Key dates related to the elaboration of guidelines for best risk management approaches in the extractive sector

  1. 29 May 2020
    Activation of the TAG-RM

    Please find the Call for expressions of interest and Annexes below.

  2. Q3 2020
    Identification of key activities
  3. 17 March 2021
    Kick-off meeting of the TAG-RM

    Please find the Agenda, the Background document and the Minutes of the meeting.

  4. Q1 2022
    Elaboration of the first draft of the guidelines
  5. Q4 2022
    Elaboration of the second draft of the guidelines
  6. Q1 2023
    Final meeting of the TAG
  7. Q1 2023
    Final guidelines