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News announcement9 May 2022Directorate-General for Environment

2nd meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform held on 25 April

The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform held its second meeting on 25 April with a focus on the Zero Pollution Action Plan as a key driver for reducing health inequalities in the EU.

One of the key messages from the meeting was that health inequalities in the EU can and must be urgently addressed, and that the Zero Pollution Action Plan will contribute in particular through its dedicated flagship initiative on "Reducing health inequalities through zero pollution". The sixty four representatives of the platform present also discussed the Commission proposals under the Sustainable Products Initiative and for a revised Industrial Emissions Directive. These initiatives aim to reduce pollution and to ensure more circular production and consumption cycles, in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Participants pointed out that science and innovation offer new solutions to tackle environmental pollution and that these innovations need to be deployed and implemented, in particular, at the local and regional level. The CoR opinion on Horizon Europe Missions, also presented at the meeting, underlines that the Missions are a new and vital instrument that can support reaching the objectives of the Zero Pollution Actin Plan.

The members also discussed the adoption of the Platform’s Work Programme 2022-2024. The 3rd meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform is scheduled for October 2022.

For further information

A summary of the event is available here along with a link to the recording of the event here. Details of the membership of the Zero Pollution Stakeholders Platform are available on the European Commission’s Expert Register.

The agenda and slides from the presentations can be downloaded below.

2nd ZP Stakeholder Platform Meeting - Agenda
(1.01 MB - PDF)
2nd ZP Stakeholder Platform Meeting - Slide deck
(43.08 MB - PDF)



Publication date
9 May 2022
Directorate-General for Environment

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