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News blog11 March 2024Directorate-General for Environment3 min read

EU Ecolabel brightens Irish cleaning company’s image

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists has taken big steps to improve the sustainability of its indoor cleaning services and sees the EU Ecolabel as key to showcasing its green credentials.

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists

In 2023, the cleaning service provider Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists became the first Irish company to have its Indoor Cleaning Services awarded an EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel can be awarded to routine professional cleaning services performed indoors in commercial, institutional and other publicly accessible buildings and private residences, but it excludes disinfection activities. 

“Derrycourt’s holistic approach to sustainability is driving the change we want to see in the cleaning industry. We believe that taking concrete actions, like attaining the EU Ecolabel for indoor cleaning services, helps us to operationally improve and to foster a greener, more environmentally responsible path for our continued growth, the individuals we serve and the planet we depend on.”

Bruce Hart, Head of New Business, Innovation & Sustainability

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How did Derrycourt green its indoor cleaning practices? 

Derrycourt’s road to sustainability began when they prioritised the use of sustainable cleaning products compliant with strict EU Ecolabel criteria. For instance, Derrycourt buys EU Ecolabel products from companies like Diversey, who supply plant-based SURE products.  

As a result, over a 2-year period, the premises of around 600 clients switched to being cleaned with EU Ecolabel products. In total, EU Ecolabel products accounted for around 68% of the detergents used in Derrycourt’s indoor cleaning services overall in 2022, and this has increased to over 80% in 2023. In its indoor cleaning services, the company is strongly committed to using cleaning products with restricted hazardous chemicals to reduce the impact on the environment and improve workers’ safety. 

The company then introduced other resource-efficient cleaning practices. For example, to comply with EU Ecolabel criteria on efficient energy and water use, the company adopted sustainable laundry practices, such as lowering washing temperatures to 30°C, optimising the size of wash loads, and upgrading older washing machines to A++ energy class ratings.  

Furthermore, Derrycourt is swapping its traditional cotton cloths and mopheads for new microfibre ones that pick up more dirt and greatly reduce the use of water and detergents. The indoor cleaning services also meet the criteria for proper management of waste by achieving targets set for waste recovery or recycling, for example, by prioritising non-disposable products.  

Importantly, the company has fully trained its staff in environmental awareness, including the handling and disposal of cleaning products, and the efficient use of energy and water.  

EU Ecolabel: There is no ‘greenwashing’ 

The rigorous verification of Derrycourt’s indoor cleaning services’ compliance with the EU Ecolabel criteria, conducted by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), enhanced the company’s reputation as a trustworthy provider of sustainable indoor cleaning services, and supports its green marketing claims for these services.  

The EU Ecolabel now forms an integral part of Derrycourt’s marketing efforts, providing brand differentiation to the company’s competitive advantage. 

Furthermore, being recognised as a reliable certification by the adopted Directive empowering consumers for the green transition, and the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and Directive on Green Claims, the EU Ecolabel is considered a valuable investment for the future.  

The company recommends the user-friendly online step-by-step guidance as a starting point for anyone applying for EU Ecolabel certification. All in all, the company is proud that the EU Ecolabel validates its drive to sustainability, while potentially generating new green business opportunities.  

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists’ EU Ecolabel indoor cleaning services are presented on the EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue (ECAT). ECAT is increasingly used as a source of reference by companies and by consumers seeking environmentally friendly goods and services available on the market.  

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11 March 2024
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