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News article15 April 2024Directorate-General for Environment2 min read

European circular economy 2024 conference kicks off in Brussels

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee host the seventh edition of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on Monday and Tuesday.

Understanding of the broader context is important for small and medium-sized enterprises transitioning to circular economy
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This year, the conference takes place under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the EU and in conjunction with the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF). 

The event is a key opportunity for the European and international circular economy community to come together, exchange views and follow engaging discussions on the role of circular economy across industries and borders, this year with a focus on how to “turn circular visions into action”.

The conference will reflect upon the last ten years of implementation of the circular economy around the globe and in Europe. This conference comes at a key moment, where “a modest decoupling of EU resource consumption from economic growth can be observed”, but where more needs to be done for the EU to reach its 2030 circularity targets, according to the EEA’s recent report on Accelerating the circular economy in Europe - State and outlook 2024

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference constitutes a distinct track of the WCEF, with five sessions spanning across two days. Representatives from the EU will also be participating in other sessions of the WCEF and will be present in the exhibition area. 

The sessions on day one of the Conference, hosted by the European Commission, sheds light on the engine behind the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference and allow for discussions on its role and potential. In two panel debates, speakers will take stock of the progress achieved so far in the circularity transition and discuss the efforts that need to be made in the next European mandate. Participants will also examine the impact of circular economy and sustainability legislation on trade. 

On day two, hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee, the sessions will bring together stakeholders and changemakers to explore the role of cities and regions in the transition to a circular economy. Discussions will also delve into how circular economy models address the needs for critical raw materials.

Speaking about the conference, the Director-General of the Commission's DG Environment, Florika Fink-Hooijer, said:

"We all have a collective responsibility to move towards greater circularity. It is key for our competitiveness and to reduce our dependencies. Today, we’ll discuss the progress we have made so far and explore how to step up our action for a circular future."

You can join the event online

More information 

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Publication date
15 April 2024
Directorate-General for Environment

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