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Zpráva24 duben 2023Generální ředitelství pro životní prostředí

Green Week 2023 conference – Register now!

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Register now to join the EU Green Week conference, Delivering a Net-Zero World, on 6-7 June in Brussels.

Green Week 2023 makes the case for persistent ambition in environmental policies, whatever the economic and political weather. It argues that restoring healthy ecosystems is the foundation of long-term sustainability, jobs and business opportunities, while at the same time increasing the resilience and fairness of European societies.

EU Green Week is an annual event promoting European environmental policies, educating the public, and stimulating discussions. Policymakers, prominent environmentalists, stakeholders, and interested parties from Europe and the world attend this high-level event organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment.

Virginius Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries will open the Green Week’s conference, held on 6-7 June in Brussels. Over three policy sessions, high-level panellists will be asking:

  • Can societies and ecosystems live in a healthy relationship?
  • Can we afford to buy circular products; can we afford not to?
  • Can we achieve a net-zero world without achieving zero pollution?

Check out over 250 partner events which will take place around Europe and beyond between 3 and 11 June, hosted by educational institutions, environmental, commercial and non-profit organisations and various levels of public administration. In line with the European Year of Skills, partner events will focus in on the topics of skills for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities. The relevance of "green" skills, which will enable individuals to participate in and contribute to the green transition, will be emphasized through a range of activities such as educational workshops, seminars, and eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Register for the conference here
  • Consult the conference agenda here
  • Consult partner events here


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24 duben 2023
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Generální ředitelství pro životní prostředí

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