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News article14 December 2022Directorate-General for Environment

Update of the EU List of Ship Recycling facilities: two yards removed and a new one added

Today the European Commission adopted the 10th edition of the European List of ship recycling facilities. Two yards located in Türkiye have been removed from this List as they have not complied with the requirements of the Ship Recycling Regulation. One yard failed to sufficiently protect its employees’ working conditions, and the other was de-listed due to a lack of transparency on ship dismantling operations. 

The Commission has also added one yard located in Bulgaria and extended the date of expiry of inclusion of two listed yards located in France and Lithuania. The European List now contains 45 ship-recycling facilities, including 38 yards in Europe (EU, Norway and UK), 6 yards in Türkiye and 1 yard in the USA. Overall, the recycling capacity of the yards on the EU List is still multiple times higher than the demand and several yards on the European List are also capable of recycling large vessels.

European ship owners possess around 40% of the world fleet. Many of these ships are being dismantled outside the EU, mainly in South Asia, under conditions that are often harmful to workers’ health and the environment. Since 31 December 2018, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation has required all large sea-going vessels sailing under an EU Member State flag to use an approved ship recycling facility included in the European List of ship recycling facilities.


The European List is regularly updated to add further compliant facilities or to remove facilities that have ceased to comply. To be included in the European List, any ship recycling facility, irrespective of its location, has to comply with a number of safety and environmental requirements. For facilities located in the EU, competent national authorities must check that all the relevant conditions are met, and then inform the Commission that the facility should be listed. Ship recycling facilities located in third countries and intending to recycle ships flying a flag of a Member State have to apply to the Commission for inclusion in the European List.

Evaluation of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation

The Commission has launched an evaluation of the Ship Recycling Regulation. An Open Public Consultation and targeted consultations of different stakeholders’ groups will take place in the first quarter of 2023.

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14 December 2022
Directorate-General for Environment

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