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National Air Pollution Control Programmes and Projections

In these programmes, Member States set out how they intend to achieve these emission reduction commitments.

In the National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP), Member States set out how they intend to achieve emission reduction commitments of the NEC Directive. The first NAPCPs were due by 1 April 2019. These are available in the map below, including their English translations. Member States submit air pollutants emissions projections every two years, most recently in March 2021 (available in the Eionet Central Data Repository website).

NAPCPs have to follow a common format specified in the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1522.

To help Member States prepare their NAPCP, the Commission has issued a Communication on Guidance for the development of National Air Pollution Control Programmes.

The Commission, with the support of external contractors, reviews and analyses NAPCP and projections. At the links below you can find the latest results of this analysis for each Member State.

National Air Pollution Control Programmes, their reviews and projection reviews

EU-level reports

Bringing together the results of the analyses, consultants have also prepared: 

  • an EU-wide horizontal report and annex
  • updated horizontal report report and annex (2022)
  • EU-wide horizontal reports on the 2021 and 2023 projections

Summary of best practices presented at a workshop on 25 January 2022