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The EU Ecolabel: buying high quality eco-friendly goods and services made simple!

What is the EU Ecolabel?

When you are strolling down the aisles of your supermarket, plenty of products scream ‘Pick me, I’m green, I’m sustainable!’. But how can you be sure that these products are really the most environmentally friendly, high quality products that deserve a place in your shopping basket?

This is where the EU Ecolabel makes things simple by guiding your sustainable choices ...

How the EU Ecolabel works

Choosing the EU Ecolabel lifestyle

Choosing the EU Ecolabel lifestyle

You might have already come across the EU Ecolabel’s distinctive flower logo which can be found on thousands of everyday goods and services, including soaps and shampoos, detergents, clothes, paints and varnishes, paper products and furniture, as well as hotels and campsites and cleaning services.

Whether shopping online or in a shop, look out for the official EU Ecolabel logo!

The EU Ecolabel makes green choices easy!

Find out more about where you can find EU Ecolabel products on the Retailers page, or browse the EU Ecolabel product catalogue (ECAT) and tourist accommodation catalogue

EU Ecolabel guides your sustainable choices!

Find out more about the EU Ecolabel


Where to find EU Ecolabel products and services, and how to get involved.

30th Anniversary

On March 23, 2022, the EU Ecolabel turned 30! In celebration, the Showroom on Wheels will be making a tour around Europe this summer and several member states will also be hosting their own festivities.


Key Figures - Sept 2022
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September 2022 Statistics Release

The EU Ecolabel steadily continues its growth of awarded licenses and product diversification with the inauguration of two new product groups.

EU Ecolabel
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EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels

On 30 and 31 May, the EU Ecolabel will celebrate its 30th anniversary at EU Green Week. A special birthday party on 31 May will include the launch of a new ‘Showroom on Wheels!’ to showcase the scheme’s contributions to environmental excellence and sustainable consumer choices.

Key FIgures
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March 2022 Statistics

The growth of EU Ecolabel products continues in the year of its 30th anniversary.