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EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels - Estonia

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels makes its way to Estonia as a part of its European tour!

The Showroom on Wheels goes to Estonia

Showroom on wheels in the news
European Commission – Ministry of Environment of Estonia

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels had a great time in Estonia! On the evening of 22 August, Kätlin Kurg, from the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, was live on the Estonian news channel TV3, talking about the EU Ecolabel and its Showroom on Wheels tour.

For over a week, the Showroom toured around Estonia, and came across many visitors. People passing by learned all about the EU Ecolabel's mission towards a circular economy and zero pollution! 

Thanks to the powerful three-woman team with Kätlin Kurg and Marilis Viira, Chief Specialists at the Estonian Environment Agency, and Kristi Loit, Advisor at the Ministry of the Environment, each Showroom's stop was a great success. The team was able to share information on the wide variety and quality of EU Ecolabel products available for consumers who want to make sustainable choices!

Estonia Tour

Sow Pärnu
Pärnu City Centre

The Showroom on Wheels arrived in Pärnu on the 23rd of August, where it made quite the debut on the local news! 

Sow Viljandi beach
Viljandi Beach Area

The Showroom settled in the beautiful greenery of Viljandi Beach, where many visitors came to discuss the ethics of a circular economy!

Sow Tartu

Kätlin Kurg, from the Estonian Ministry of Environment, came to Tartu to help our team set up the Showroom on Wheels! 

EU Ecolabel SoW Estonia

The Showroom on Wheels came to the Family Fair in Kloogranna and shared the importance of sustainable products to its young audience.

Sow Merivalja

The Showroom on Wheels joined the Home Restaurant Day in Merivälja. A great day of sun and learning about the EU Ecolabel!

Sow Tallinn

The Showroom on Wheels finished its Estonian tour in Tallinn's Ülemiste department store.

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels travelled around Estonia in August 2022! Check out the Estonian tour below.

  1. 23 August
    Pärnu City Centre
  2. 24 August
    Viljandi Beach Area
  3. 25-26 August
    Tartu City Centre
  4. 27 August
    Kloogaranna Family Day and Fair
  5. 28 August
    Merivälja Home Restaurant Day
  6. 29-30 August
    Ülemiste Department Store