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Happy World Ecolabel Day (2023)

The 13th of October is World Ecolabel Day, and this year the EU Ecolabel is also celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Happy World Ecolabel Day
EU Ecolabel


Today, more than 50 countries around the world are celebrating World Ecolabel Day, to honour credible ecolabels that are members of the Global Ecolabel Network

Among the many Type I ecolabels that exist worldwide, the EU Ecolabel - the official voluntary ecolabel of the European Union - celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The iconic flower proudly emblazoned on the label continues to symbolise its continued blossoming. In the past 12 years alone, the number of EU Ecolabel products has more than quadrupled, now reaching a total of almost 90,000. 

The increasing success of the EU Ecolabel shows the growing interest of businesses, citizens and retailers in green products and in the green transition. This success is also owed to the strong commitment of the stakeholders, the EU Ecolabel “heroes”. As one Portuguese licensee proudly stated, "Sustainable printing is more than a brand promise, it is our belief.... Sustainability is in our DNA." 

On the occasion of its 30th birthday and as a tribute to its "heroes", the EU Ecolabel came up with something special this year: the Showroom on Wheels.. The Showroom started its summer tour across Europe in Belgium, and stopped in Germany, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg. 

Today, the Showroom is back in Brussels, just in time for World Ecolabel Day, and it is displayed in the Berlaymont building, the ‘heart’ of the European Commission, until 14 October, before setting off on new adventures! 

“Happy World Ecolabel Day and Happy 30th Birthday EU Ecolabel!”  

To the next 30 years of environmental excellence!  


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