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First circular economy action plan

The 54 actions of the EU’s first circular action plan have been delivered. The EU’s transition to a circular economy is now guided by the new circular economy action plan.


The actions under the action plan contributed to accelerate Europe’s transition by helping "close the loop" of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use, and bought benefits for both the environment and the economy.


By 2019, the first circular economy action plan was fully completed. Its 54 actions have been delivered, even if the work on some of them continues beyond 2019. The list of actions can be found in the annex to the action plan.

For information on how the circular economy is progressing in the EU, a set of key indicators can help capture the transition’s main features and possible existing gaps, see Eurostat - Circular economy monitoring progress.


Key dates under the first circular economy action plan and its implementation

  1. 11 March 2020
    European Commission adopted new circular economy action plan
  2. December 2019
    European Commission adopted European Green Deal
  3. October 2019
    Adoption of 10 Ecodesign implementing regulations
  4. July 2019
    Directive on single-use plastics enters into force
  5. June 2019
    Revised fertilisers regulation enters into force
  6. March 2019
    Commission adopted the final circular economy package
    • Report on the implementation of the circular economy action plan – find out more
    • Staff Working Document on Sustainable Products in a Circular Economy – find out more
  7. July 2018
    the revised legislative framework on waste enters into force
  8. January 2018
    Commission adopted circular economy package
    • Development of a monitoring framework for the circular economy – find out more
    • Report on critical raw materials and the circular economy – find out more
    • Strategy on plastics in the circular economy – find out more
    • Analysis and policy options to address the interface between chemicals, products and waste legislation, including how to reduce the presence and improve the tracking of chemicals of concern in products – find out more
  9. November 2016
    Adoption of the Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019
  10. December 2015
    European Commission adopted the first circular economy action plan

    All 54 actions under this plan have been delivered or are being implemented.



Final Circular Economy package (2019) - key documents

2018 Circular Economy package - key documents